Save The Music Foundation and Windham Public Schools

In 2018, Save The Music Foundation (STM) launched a partnership with Windham Public Schools to conduct a 5-year music education rebuild in every K-8 school in the district. The projected grant plan is to deliver 10 targeted grants (Intro to Music and Core Band) to elementary and middle schools to build strong and sequentially-taught music education in fully resourced classrooms from kindergarten through 8th grade. This school year, with leadership support from the Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation, STM successfully jumpstarted general music programs in the first two schools: Sweeney and Natchaug Elementary Schools, providing a well-rounded package of instruments, including pianos, a class set of Orff xylophones, recorders, world drums, and more. STM will deliver Intro to Music Grants to two more elementary schools in the 2019-2020 school year, thanks to continued support from the Ossen Foundation as well as the Savings Bank of Manchester Charitable Foundation. In the succeeding years, 6 Core Band Grants will be delivered to the all K-8 schools, creating a strong feeder program as students progress through the grades. In addition to instruments and supplies, STM provides ongoing program support (school events, professional development clinics for music teachers), monitoring, research and measurement to grantee schools for a 10-year period. The district’s passion and commitment to this rebuild- namely because of Superintendent Dr. Patricia Garcia and district music coordinator, Joe Tomanelli championing our efforts- have been incredibly valuable as we continue to restore and strengthen music programs throughout WPS. Many thanks to the Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation for your vital ongoing support of this project! To learn more about Save The Music Foundation, please visit our website at

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