Over the last decade, the Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation has played a critical role in assisting Connecticut Legal Services (CLS) provide its services to more than 800 low-income Windham County individuals and families in crisis.  By supporting its successful initiatives such as—CLS’ School Based Legal Project, CLS’ Lead Poisoning Legal Project, and CLS’ Pandemic/Pandemic Recovery Legal Project—the Foundation has had a direct positive effect on the lives of hundreds of families who needed CLS’ assistance to address often devastating legal emergencies.  Foundation funding also allowed CLS to provide hundreds of community outreach and legal education events and to work with local community partners to ensure that those individuals and families could access Foundation-funded CLS services.  The Ossen Family Foundation helped CLS make a significant difference for numerous Windham County individuals and families including—domestic violence survivors, those facing homelessness or job loss, those not able to access health care or health care coverage, elders who were victims of abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation, and many others with urgent legal problems.  The Ossen Family Foundation has been an extraordinary partner whose generosity continues to make a difference for hundreds of low-income Windham County individuals and families to whom CLS has provided services.

Attorney Anne Louise Blanchard

Connecticut Legal Services, Deputy Director, ctlegal.org
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