What We Fund

reduce (not solve) societal issues

What we fund

The Foundation focuses its funding on the following areas:
Food | Housing | Physical & Emotional well-being | Education


We believe all individuals have the right to an equitable education regardless of zip code. Knowledge is power, and we invest in organizations that help support individuals by providing services to help broaden and strengthen learning to achieve one’s highest potential. 


No individual should experience food insecurity in this State. Thus, we support organizations that provide access to nutritious food and seek to build additional channels to increase access to fresh, farm-grown, and affordable food products.


We believe all individuals should have access to equitable and affordable housing options regardless of their race, ethnic, or religious background. Thus, we support organizations that work to support individuals in acquiring housing in times of emergency and for the longer term.

Physical & Emotional well-being

We recognize that our bodies and minds are connected and that we need to take care of the whole person. Thus, we support organizations that utilize an integrated model in supporting the individuals they work with and provide services to. 

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